Residential Application

A Palace or Prison

Without realizing it, many people turn their airy homes into dungeons. They do this by covering elegant windows and shutting out the stunning light of day. Now you can let the sun shine in without worrying about heat, glare and UV radiation. Now your home can be your castle, not a cave.

RAPT Can Make Your World.

Take a look at stylish homes everywhere and you’ll see a striking similarity – beautiful windows. You want the abundance of natural light and outdoor views. But the truth is the sun you worship steals energy and blemishes everything you own – from expensive wood floors to fine furnishings and fabrics. But now there’s a way to defend your glass and the damaging effects of the sun’s heat and ultraviolet radiation.

The Invisible Warrior

Applied to glass surfaces, RAPT blocks up to 50% of the sun’s heat to reduce energy consumption and energy cost; blocks glare; blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV rays; guards against the violence of storms and intruders by holding shattered glass in place; enhances visibility, comfort and aesthetics; and helps reduce the effect of greenhouse gases. In addition, RAPT is “spectrally selective,” meaning it does all this while allowing maximum visible light and optimum clarity.

Rapidly Applied Protective Technology

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