Commercial Application

Your Building And The Bottom Line

Building developers and owners, especially those in extreme climates, discovered long ago that window glass represented an area of great vulnerability. Today, that awareness has spread rapidly, as devastating weather, terrorism and conservation get top billing in boardrooms around the world. Facilities managers have discovered that high performance glass barriers can have a dramatic impact on building operations – an impact that falls right to the bottom line.

Breakthrough Commercial Benefits

RAPT products promise essential benefits in an energy conscious world: rejects 99.9% of both UVA and UVB rays; blocks up to nearly 80% of incoming solar energy; reduces energy consumption and lowers utility bills; blocks the sun’s glare; guards against the violence of storms, acts of vandalism and terrorism; enhances visibility, comfort and aesthetics; and helps reduce greenhouse gases.

Professionals Make It Happen.

High performance glass barriers are worth very little in the hands of amateurs. The installation process demands the most meticulous attention by trained professionals. With decades of experience, our experts not only have the product knowledge, but also have demonstrated the artistic skill needed for flawless installation. Our products come with a manufacturer’s 5-15 year limited warranty (depending on product selected).

Rapidly Applied Protective Technology

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