Introducing RAPT™ the Invisible Warrior.
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Our clear technology protects flat glass in the harshest environments.
RAPT is the silent warrior you’ll never see.


Rapidly Applied Protective Technology

Clear Technology Protects Flat Glass in the Harshest Environments

People everywhere love glass windows and doors and lots of them. Architects and developers are no exception. But many homeowners and building owners are blind to a harsh reality — that expensive, elegant glass can suffer from catastrophic risk. When hurricanes blow, glass blows out. When vandals strike, glass is their first target. Every single day, glass not only poses a threat but also robs you blind. Silently, the sun invades your space, stealing energy and damaging everything. But now there’s a way to defend your glass. RAPT™ (Rapidly Applied Protective Technology) not only prevents disaster but also curbs heat, conserves energy, promotes comfort, blocks UV rays and provides RFIR blocking capabilities. RAPT is the silent warrior you’ll never see.

Rapidly Applied Protective Technology

Product Benefits

RAPT™ has blazed a trail in window protective technology.
As such, it offers key benefits:

RAPT™ is essentially “invisible.”

RAPT™ defies hazardous environments.

RAPT™ has distortion-free clarity.

RAPT™ provides maximum durability.

RAPT™ combats storms, vandalism and sun.

RAPT™ allows efficient installation.

Rapidly Applied Protective Technology

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